the national context



Opportunities for OGs (Operational Groups) in a regionalized RDP (Research and Development) scenario

At Farm level: culture of cooperation; ability to build up farm clusters for the same sector-food chain.
At university / institute of research level: plurality of knowledge and research at regional level, regional research on similar sectors-food chain.
Advanced skills at RDPs Managing Authority level
Advanced skills at RDPs Paying Agency level


Challenges for OGs in a regionalized RDP scenario

ideas, innovation proposals, know-how cannot be confined within the Administrative borders  need to combine different types of knowledge to break out of old view; accept that an outsider can bring new ideas.
existence of transregional environmental challenges (e.g. nitrates problems; hydrographic basins, water supply, bees pollination; biodiversity; transregional ecosystems).
existence of trans-regional economic systems, interregional agricultural areas, food chains, association of producers and communities of practices mainly transregional or national (e.g. fruit/ vegetables, wine, olive oil, milk and diary products, quality schemes, organic).


Risks for OGs in a regionalized RDP scenario

plurality of OGs with no critical mass, more difficult the holistic approach (small number of farms involved, difficulty to involve a wide range of different actors, micro interventions, traditional local partnerships, minor economic or environmental impacts);
plurality of OGs with low scientific guidance (not spin-off integration of knowledge among Universities; fragmentation of knowledge, difficulty to combine different types of knowledge, closed systems and monopoly by the local universities);
• plurality of OGs acting on the exact same topic or food-system, “filiera” (difficulty to confront and share results due to different methodologies, multiplication of administrative and OGs managing costs, risk for a waste of public resources, running costs of OGs dominated by a plurality of consultants).

FONTE: Mipaaf

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