A flute wind

A flute wind

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When he was conscious again, his eyelids still seemed to weigh thousands of pounds, and he struggled to open them. Fortunately, it was a white flower, which made his eyes ache, and he closed them again in a hurry. He found that his sleeping position was extremely uncomfortable, his head was sideways, his body was lying on his stomach, and his back was slightly painful, probably injured. Someone approached and said softly, “Are you awake?” Ring the ward bell at the same time. Immediately, a large group of doctors and nurses came in, touching, pulling and pulling, and then disappeared together. Yi Difeng was powerless to resist and felt helpless. When the man saw Yi Difeng’s forbearing expression, he suppressed a smile and confessed, “You were buried under the snow for four hours, but you all survived. It is now the second morning.”. I am Zhou Tianze, the son of Zhou Guohua. Yesterday, I just went to Mengzhou on a business trip. After I knew you were missing, I was called by my father to find you. He is the son of Chief Executive Zhou. Zhou Tianze just went out to call back to Hong Kong. At this time, he handed the phone to Yi Difeng and Grandma. Old Lady Yi was so worried that she didn’t want to eat and drink. “No headache, no amnesia,” said Yi Difeng. “I still know you are my grandmother. I’m looking forward to it in Hong Kong. I’m afraid my grandson will come back late.” Zhou Tianze laughed: “There is such a unique way to comfort.” Originally, a long section of the road that Yi Difeng passed was buried by an avalanche,uns s32760 plate, and the front and rear cars could not pass. Fortunately, the lava flow of the volcano had stopped halfway up the mountain, but there were dead branches on fire, coupled with vibration and pressure, causing small avalanches. At first, it was not certain whether anyone was trapped. When Wang Shuping dialed Yi Difeng and the tour guide’s telephone, she found out that the road section was interrupted and immediately asked for help from the local people. The long section of the road covered by the avalanche and the limited visibility of the helicopter made it difficult to determine the location at first. It is buried deeply and has a heavy smell of sulfur, which affects the dog’s sensitivity. Later, after Mr. Zhou knew it,x52 line pipe, he called the governor of Mongolia to intensify the search, and a large number of people and horses conducted a blanket search before finding the car with the help of hunting dogs. At that time, both of them were frozen purple and stiff, and everyone thought that there was no hope of survival for such a long time, so they were handed over to doctors who were already on standby at the scene for emergency treatment, and then sent to the hospital by helicopter. Fortunately, there were only bruises and frostbite, no broken hands and feet, and no other major problems. The doctor praised: “Both of you are physically fit and have enough exercise at ordinary times, which is of great benefit when you are in danger in the field.” At the same time, another car was buried and four people were seriously injured. Later, the hosts of the nearby Yi family company came to visit. When she woke up in the afternoon, Wang Shuping had arrived and was calling for help. The governor of Mengzhou and the ambassador of the embassy all came to visit her in person. Yi Difeng couldn’t stand it and said to Zhou Tianze, “Even if you are not ill, you will be ill.”. Bush can’t even be seen. Zhou Tianze nodded: “Yes, Secretary Wang will take care of this. I’ll deal with other things later.” Wang Shuping quickly thanked him, “Mr. Zhou, x56 line pipe ,x70 line pipe, the members of the Science, Education and Culture Group have urged him several times. Please leave first.”. We’ll get back to you if necessary. Yi Difeng looked at him strangely and ran to the United Nations: “Don’t bother any more. You have delayed a lot of your journey these two days.”. Get some energy. You should be out of the hospital tomorrow afternoon. At that time, he and Secretary Wang will fly back to Malaysia to join Zhu Tezhu. Wang Shuping exclaimed: “Yi, Da, Miss, if you don’t go back to Hong Kong directly, do you still want to continue your journey?”? Your’grandmother ‘has grown half an inch in the harbor neck. Outside for many days, she has been used to calling the name of the flute, this time it seems that the fire is big, but also re-read “grandmother”. Yi Difeng said, “Secretary Wang, if I go back to Hong Kong directly, my grandmother will be even more worried. I don’t know what will happen. If I continue my journey without any trouble, I will know that I am really all right and worry less.”. Besides, Mrs. Yi is not a weak woman, and I am not the tender bud of the wind and snow. She naturally understands. Zhou Tianze nodded appreciatively and said cheerfully, “Miss Yi has filial piety and responsibility.” Turning to Wang Shuping, “you met a good boss.” Yi Difeng was elated and raised his chin. “Look!”! Look! Wang Shuping could not help laughing: “There is nothing you can do.” Sure enough, as expected by Yi Difeng, she was relieved to hear that she was going to go as scheduled. Be sure to pay attention to safety. After a few busy days in Southeast Asia, I transferred to Korea, then to mainland China, and finally flew back to Hong Kong. In South Korea, in the past few days, the streets and alleys, television stations and newspapers are full of news of peasant heroes struggling in Hong Kong. Yi Difeng has always felt restless, and I don’t know why. There is nothing wrong with calling back to Hong Kong. Finally, in the afternoon, he told Zhu Zhen that he had to return to Hong Kong first, so he rushed back to Hong Kong by plane in the evening. When I got off the plane, I found it was wet everywhere and it was still raining. When I returned to Yi Ju by car, I found that it was quiet and flustered. Female worker a Ju runs out to say: “How did the young lady come back?”? The old lady is in hospital. Seeing stars for a moment, “Why didn’t anyone inform me?”? When did this happen? “The old lady went to the company today. In the evening, Assistant Liang sent an urgent telegram to Aunt Lan to take the old lady’s personal belongings to the hospital of the Book of Changes. The old lady fainted and was in emergency treatment.”. The young lady should have been at the airport at that time, so she didn’t receive the notice. He took out his cell phone and found that it had not been turned on after boarding the plane. There were many calls from Liang Gaofei, Wang Shuping and others. Call Liang Gaofei, reply shutdown, should be no electricity. He called the hospital and was told: “It’s still urgent and dangerous.” Busy say to a Ju: “Tell a driver, I want to go downhill instantly.” There is no driver at present. Because the young lady is not in Hong Kong, so the driver Liu Bo takes a long vacation. Today, Cheng Zai sent the old lady to the company, and Ah Guang sent Aunt Lan down the mountain. I’ll call the driver to pick me up immediately, and you can wash up and eat first. Yi Difeng shook his head anxiously. “I’ll drive myself.” She had to put the key of the sports car in the room. Take a deep breath, calm down, step on it, and go down the mountain. Driving, I felt that the front was blurred, the wiper could not clear it, and the eyes were white. Feel itchy cheeks, neck, a touch, wet wet. Water, Yi Difeng slightly stunned, originally, is actually tears. Yi Difeng felt his limbs weak and his hands trembling. He parked the car on the side of the road and bent over the steering wheel in grief. Is not,316 stainless steel plate, once owned, will eventually be lost? Is it true that if you don’t have it, you won’t suffer. lksteelpipe.com

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