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Fake geomancer

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Hearing this, He Chuan was suddenly enlightened. Then several people followed the medical staff to another ward. After settling down, several of them really felt at ease. At this time, Li Huai’s cell phone suddenly rang. He picked up the phone and saw that it was Xiao Yun, so he immediately answered the phone. As soon as Li Huai answered the phone, he immediately heard Xiao Yun’s voice: “Li Huai?”? My dad came back and said he wanted you to come. Hearing Xiao Yun’s words, Li Huai was stunned and thought that Lao Luo had come back? As he spoke, he said, “Well, I’ll be there later. Tell me about it.” Hearing that Li Huai seemed to want to hang up, Xiao Yun immediately shouted: “Li Huai..” “What’s the matter?” Hearing that Xiao Yun’s tone seemed to have changed a little, Li Huai immediately asked. I.. “Who knows, at this time, Xiao Yun became a little reluctant to speak and stopped,” where have you been recently? I I was so worried about you. …” Hear here, Li Huai heart can not help but a burst of guilt, he really should not ah, these days too busy, have not contacted Xiao Yun, thinking,sonicator homogenizer, he said: “I am busy recently, so..”. Xiao Yun … I’m sorry I’ll come to your place right away. Wait for me! With that, Li Huai hung up the phone. Then he went to He Chuan’s side. Brother He, I have something to go first. If Ah Feng and his son have any situation, just call me. “With that, Li Huai put on a sorry expression again.” I’m really sorry. ” Volume IV. Bi Zhou Fengyun Chapter 86-Luo Tiancheng’s plan. After greeting He Chuan and others, Li Huai left the People’s Hospital. Standing at the station waiting for the bus,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, he began to regret that he had just refused Luo Qing’s offer to drive him. But it happened that at this time, his unworthy stomach began to growl again. The weather in Bizhou City gradually became cold, which made him feel a little hungry and cold. It was not easy to get on the bus, but there was a big traffic jam during the rush hour. When we arrived at the government hospital, the sun was already setting. Luo Xiaoyun and several of them rented a new house, Li Huai had not been there before, but vaguely heard Luo Xiaoyun say how to cross the road. According to his impression of Xiao Yun’s previous words, Li Huai came to an alley called Dasha Lane. This lane seems to be the whole road is rental housing, there are many outsiders kept walking in the lane, see Li Huai can not help frowning. Although Li Huai does not discriminate against migrant workers, the people who rent houses near here are like hooligans and small hoodlums who do not do their jobs properly. Thinking of the luxurious house where Luo Tiancheng lived, Li Huai could not help but sigh at the unpredictable changes in life, which was really amazing to his neighbors. Do not know why, along the way Mo ran rarely speak, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic molten metal, if not for the eyes of heaven really see her lying on his shoulder, he thought Mo ran disappeared again. Is this because Sister Mo knows that I’m going to find Xiao Yun now? Li Huai thought as he walked, and this thought made him feel a little puzzled. Thinking of this, he could not help smiling bitterly, and then unconsciously quickened his pace. At this time, Li Huai’s eyes suddenly saw a familiar figure, in a store on one side of the alley, Luo Yuhui was actually holding a bottle of beer and chatting with a few idle small hoodlums. From the way he looks, he seems to be chatting excitedly. Li Huai looked carefully again, only to see that there were already several empty beer bottles at Luo Yuhui’s feet. Because there was still a distance between Li Huai and Luo Yuhui, he could not hear clearly what Luo Yuhui was saying over there. However, seeing the way Luo Yuhui is dancing now, Li Huai knows that he is probably showing off something. Most rich people’s habits are like this, even now, Luo Yuhui can not remember to change. At this time, Li Huai stopped. He was thinking about whether he should go over and ask Luo Yuhui how to get to his home, but when he saw Luo Yuhui blushing and chatting enthusiastically, he immediately gave up the idea. After about ten minutes, Li Huai finally found the building that Luo Xiaoyun said. The outer wall of the building looked so old. From the window, this should be the product of the seventies and eighties. According to Xiao Yun, their house is Room 303 of this building. Li Huai recalled as he walked up the stairs of the building. The stairs looked relatively clean, and there was no debris blocking the road, although a little narrow, but it was still smooth. Arriving at the door of Room 303, Li Huai immediately rang the doorbell. After a while, Xiao Yun’s voice came from inside: “Who is it?” Li Huai can already hear clearly, Xiao Yun’s voice is coming from behind the door, but do not know why she did not open the door immediately. Hearing this, he immediately answered, “Me!”! I’m Li Huai! It seemed that he immediately recognized Li Huai’s voice, and Xiao Yun immediately opened the door. At the sight of Li Huai, she looked very happy. At this time, she was wearing a blue casual dress with a pair of jeans, but she was wearing an apron around her waist, and her face was red. It should be cooking. Seeing Li Huai, Xiao Yun pulled him into the house and closed the door. Then he said, “Li Huai, dinner is ready. You can eat it when your brother comes back.” “That brat!”! Don’t wait for him! Unexpectedly, Xiao Yun’s voice just fell, Luo Tiancheng’s voice immediately came from one side of the room. The voice sounded very angry. Said, Luo Tiancheng then slowly walked to Li Huai’s side. Taking advantage of this gap, Li Huai immediately scanned the whole room. Room one eye, only see is the kind of typical three rooms and one hall type, plus the toilet kitchen, it can be said that although the sparrow is small,ultrasonic generator driver, but the five internal organs are complete. Although not as good as Luo Tiancheng’s previous luxury house, but in this area, this room is already relatively advanced. fycgsonic.com

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