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In fact, he knew that as soon as the Drunken Bodhi arrived, he was afraid that he would not be able to make a mess of it immediately, so he put the gold ingot on the counter first, which meant to give it to the store as compensation. The old man Ma Gu naturally understood what Tang Di had done, and the martial arts swordsman could not help nodding his head secretly, greatly praising him. Tang Di had just finished eating and drinking here. Suddenly he heard the stairs loud. More than ten guests came up from below. “Well,” said the old man, “the more people, the better.” It was hard for Tang Di to avoid being nervous. It wasn’t that he was afraid of getting drunk with Bodhi, but that he had hurt innocent people. He saw more than ten guests, all dressed in tight clothes, with blue woolen hats, wide silk strips at the waist, and famous weapons such as swords in their hands. He knew at a glance that they were all martial artists in the capital. They probably went somewhere and came back after finishing their martial arts. When Tang Di was watching, suddenly the window facing the street was dark, the floor shook, and a fat monk was standing in front of the table. If it wasn’t Drunken Bodhi, who was it. As soon as Tang Di pressed the table, he stood up. Drunken Bodhi laughed wildly and said, “Why, you’re the only one here. Where is that little girl?” A palm split out from the slanting thorn, straight to the front of Tang Di, originally he thought Tang Di to stand up, want to take the opportunity to escape, face to face interception, so out of the palm attack. As soon as Tang Di turned sideways,temperature check kiosk, he escaped. When the Drunken Bodhi was in the wind, two of the martial artists near here had already fallen down. The rest of the martial artists suddenly made a big noise. They grabbed the swords they had just put down and shouted, “What a bold monk! How dare you hurt people in broad daylight in the capital. How dare you run wild!” Go up and rush. Tang Di thought to himself, “Aren’t you the enemies of Drunken Bodhi? Aren’t you going to die?” As soon as the left palm turned over, the few people who rushed at him seemed to bump into an invisible wall, ping-ping-pong, and fell down three or four more. The table turned upside down, and the cups and plates were all over the floor. The sound was so small that even the pedestrians on the street could hear it clearly. For a moment, there were many people watching the scene of bustle blocking downstairs, looking upstairs,smart interactive whiteboard, and more and more people were watching. As soon as the old man Ma Gu lifted the table, he clapped his right hand under the table. The cups, plates, bowls, soup and water flew straight to the Drunken Bodhi. He laughed and said, “Monk!”! Please! Please! Drunken Bodhi was stunned. The old man’s skill was that Qigong had reached its peak. The cups and plates flew out, but the thin table top was not damaged. From this move, we can see how good Magu’s flying skill is. Drunken Bodhi then laughed wildly and said, “The Sajia is looking for you, but today the enemy has a narrow road. You dare to show off your little thing in front of the Sajia to frighten the Sajia. It’s really beyond your ability. The restaurant will show you a few tricks today.” As soon as he clapped his hands, the two forces collided, and the dozen or so cups, plates, bowls, and other utensils on the table suddenly shattered. With a few belches on the side, several more fell down. It turned out that the flying fragments were no less than the rain all over the sky. In addition, the momentum was so strong that several people who had not fallen down before were immediately badly beaten and bleeding. There was a lot of shouting in the hall, and the number of people watching the scene of bustle in the street increased a lot. At this time, the upstairs shouted to fight, face recognition identification kiosk ,smart whiteboard price, the street shouted to be good, and the upstairs street was in a mess. As soon as Tang Di looked at it, he said to himself, “It’s no good. If we don’t do it, we’ll kill ourselves.” He floated up from the slanting thorn, touched the window with his foot, stood on the windowsill, and shouted, “Monk, if you have the guts, go down there!” A wave, a floating body, people will fall to the street. At this time, the people in the street saw a young man jumping down from upstairs. As soon as the crowd flashed, a piece of open space appeared in the middle of the street. It happened that Tang Di fell on this piece of earth. At this time, the people looked up and watched. “Yes, monk, please,” said the old man. “The street is very spacious. You can show off your skills in guarding the house and pressing the bottom of the box for everyone to see. Otherwise, you will live in vain.” Left palm void a clap, body shot to the left, then jumped out from the window, but see the broken linen wind roll, roll out the hunting wind. As soon as Drunken Bodhi saw the old man Magu flying downstairs from the window, how could he be a little slow? He jumped out, gave up Tang Di, and rushed straight to the old man Magu. It turned out that he had seen that the old man was not an easy thing. He had excellent martial arts. He thought, “Could it be that the disciples died in the hands of this old man in Tianri Mountain? According to today’s martial arts world, they can not use weapons in a short time.” It can be said that there are few people who can kill twenty or thirty people in one fell swoop. I think these people are the most suspected. If you get them, you can ask him questions! Although he is fat and big, he is not inferior to the old man Magu in terms of light body and kungfu. Then he flew out of the window, but landed at the same time as the old man in Magu. Ma Gu old man secretly nodded, in the heart also white admire the monk’s skill, really extraordinary. The Bodhisattva shouted at the top of his voice, “Sa Jia will teach you how to press the acupoints first.” Two hands point together like pointing, fortune Xu Li, pointing east and west, seemingly empty fingers, is actually ready to go, but a few wisps of wind, from the fingers, will cover the six points on the chest of the old man Magu one by one. The old man knew very well that Drunken Bodhi wanted to find out the murderer’s enemy. He changed his mind and said with a smile, “What a pity!”! It’s a pity that you really have some heat in this move, but it’s far worse than Miaoshan’s acupoint skills, and it can’t become a climate now. With two palms and one mistake, it is easy to turn the offensive of Drunken Bodhi into invisible. When the monk heard this, he was stunned. The old man of Magu stepped forward and grabbed the drunken Bodhi from his back. With a roar, he turned over and clapped his hands. The old man of Magu said, “Monk, you and I have no grievances. We met by chance. Why did you get angry and hit me?” Ma Gu seemed to be busy with his hands and disorderly feet. Suddenly, he rolled his eyes and flew more than thirty feet away. He fell to the ground and fell motionless in the middle of the street. Tang Di is frightened greatly, the heart thinks, Ma Gu old man competes even drunk Bodhi’s palm, also can’t hold back? Huo to throw out, suddenly burst out a punch, potential like thunder, he just forced the drunken Bodhi back. Then I heard voices boiling in the street, shouting in unison, “It’s no good. It’s killing people. The fat monk beat an old man to death. Don’t let him go. Go and report to the officer!” As soon as Dian Di looked back, he saw the old man Magu lying upright in the middle of the street,touch screen kiosk, unable to move. His eyes were closed tightly and his buttocks stretched out. This surprise was no small matter. He thought to himself, “Could it be that the old man Magu had underestimated the enemy for a moment and was careless, so he was killed by this monk?” 。

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