Nine-Year-Old Demon Queen Volume 2

Nine-Year-Old Demon Queen Volume 2

DOMANDE E RISPOSTENine-Year-Old Demon Queen Volume 2
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Night Chen quietly listening to the conversation of several people, the strange country of Miro, suddenly told of his life experience, some disturbing his thoughts. Are most of them heterochromatic pupils? He remembered his purple pupil and raised his head to look at the pure blood pupil of Ming Fei. She still has such a pure character, probably because the blood pupil in the country of Miro is not rare at all, and will not encounter the treatment here. Chen, are you going to the country of Miro? Leng Wanwan went to the table and sat down, looking up at the night Chen standing by the window. The fine sunlight fell on his hair, and his black hair shone like silver. Hair is flying, white clothes are better than snow. The purple pupils flashed with confusion and contradiction, and the sexy thin lips, after hearing her question, moved a few times and returned to calm. Aren’t you going? Leng Wanwan Jian’s clear pupil drooped slightly and asked lightly. Long hair fell, covering her expression, so that the night can not see the idea of asking this sentence, the mind more and more confused up. Do you want to go? To face a completely strange place, and then to face a large group of strange people. But not going? Why is there always a feeling in his heart that he can’t let go? Does he want to live his life in an unknown way? The thin lips were tight, and the long hands were clenched into fists in the sleeves of the robes. He hesitated. As soon as Ming Chunfei saw Ye Chen, she was worried. She finally met Chen’s brother,x60 line pipe, but she couldn’t let him disappear again. What’s more, her aunt was still ill. I believe if she got the news of Chen’s brother, she would be all right. “Brother Chen, please go back to Mi-luo with your concubine.” Ming Chunfei stepped forward and looked at Ye Chen, her blood-jewel-like eyes blinking with pleading light. Don’t you want to see your family? They miss you so much that they never give up looking for you. Now the queen’s aunt is ill, you go back to see her. The concubine believes that your aunt will get better soon when you go back. Explain the white spot, aunt is actually a heart disease,x70 line pipe, and the medicine to relieve her heart disease is the night in front of her. As long as he can go back, everything will be solved very well. Ye Chen pursed his lips and looked at Ming Chunfei, seeing that the delicate little face was full of entreaties. Especially when I heard her say that someone who might be her mother was ill, the feeling of going or not going to the country of Mira was tug-of-war. Should we go or not? By now, in fact, he had already believed that his identity was the prince of the country of Miro and the missing son of the queen’s aunt in the mouth of Princess Mingchun. But once you go to Miro, will you be involved in the struggle for imperial power that you don’t want to participate in, and will you lose the qualification to stay with your master? He worried too much, and his fist clenched loose and tight, tight and loose. A heart seems to be entangled by seaweed, sometimes loose and sometimes suffocated, almost do not know what to do? Ming Chunfei saw that he was still hesitating and anxious, didn’t he believe it? “You are really my brother Chen, 347 stainless steel ,uns c68700, the imperial concubine did not lie to you.”. If you don’t believe it, you can go back to the country of Mira with me. As soon as you see the emperor’s uncle, you will know how much you look like him, you can call it exactly the same. “Do I look like him?” Exactly the same? Ye Chen touched his cheek and asked Ming Chunfei hesitantly. Very much like, very much like. Ming Chunfei’s small brain suddenly nodded, the blood pupil turned, and the slender hand pointed to the cold bend. Much more like her than I am. “Is it?” Night Chen murmured, his deep eyes drooping slightly, and he could not see whether he had been shaken by the words of Ming Chunfei. You go to the country of Miro. Leng Wanwan raised his head and looked at Ye Chen. Master “” “Master” “……” The four teenagers, the night soul, and the night charm all looked at Leng Wanwan with some surprise. Did the master mean to let the building go back to the country of Miro? Isn’t she afraid that the landlord will never come back? After all, the identity of the landlord in the country of Miro is a noble prince, not to mention that they can see that the feelings of the landlord and the master are different from others. Ye Chen looked at Leng Wanwan quietly, his big hand clenched tightly into a fist, and his veins danced on the back of his hand. It was the second time she had let herself go. Seven years ago, he had told her to stay by her side; she had talked herself into staying, to no avail. What about now? If he insists, will she make the same decision as seven years ago? Purple eyes turned their backs to the sun and looked at her faintly. With firmness and with accusation. Thin lips slightly open, word by word: I-no-go. ” Chapter 73 Decided to go to Miro Purple eyes turned their backs to the sun and looked at her faintly. With firmness and with accusation. Thin lips slightly open, word by word: “I-no-go.” The cold curved black jewel-like eyes looked at him, and the firmness in the purple pupil was like a rock in her heart. Originally, she did not mean to let him go to the country of Miro alone, but he misunderstood. But because of his misunderstanding, she understood his persistence again. Full cherry lips slightly hook, blooming a helpless smile. Doesn’t he want to leave even if he finds his relatives? This kind of love, sink like Mount Tai, no regrets, she should so repay? “Why not go back?” Ming Chunfei was stunned when she heard Ye Chen’s firm answer, but her charming face was full of anxiety and puzzlement. Blood pupil almost filled with tears, raised his head and looked straight at the expressionless night, she was very puzzled, in what is more important than to find their own life experience, to see their loved ones? “Brother Chen, why do you think this is?”? Don’t you want to see the queen’s aunt and the emperor’s uncle? Bai Xi’s slender hands could not help but wave with chagrin, how could this happen? She only wanted to help her aunt find her son who had been missing for many years so that she could untie the knot, but she did not expect that he would not go back to see them. Ming Chunfei’s almost accusatory words struck crisply on Ye Chen’s heart, not because she didn’t want to see them. It’s just that if you put your relatives and Leng Wanwan in the same Libra and let yourself choose, his answer will always be only one: Leng Wanwan. Perhaps such a decision will be accused of unfilial, will be spurned, but separated from his relatives for more than 20 years, let him choose them, give up more than ten years of companionship of Leng Wanwan,x52 line pipe, the woman he loves, he really can not do it. They have other children. The wind blew quietly and lifted his white clothes to fly. The atmosphere was so quiet that even the leaves could be heard when they fell to the ground. After a while, Ye Chen pursed his lips and said.

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