The Holy King

The Holy King

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Is this the will of the immortal? It’s a joke. You want to enslave me, manipulate me, make me a believer? I tell you that the reason why I practice the song today is to provoke you nakedly and let your will confront me. You are just a target for me. Once again, Yang Qi’s eyes between his eyebrows shone into a divine light, carrying his own ideas, and shot into the bronze gate. Boom! After a while, such as landslides and tsunamis, the sound of the falling tide, directly from the inside of the bronze gate, in the void, countless explosions resounded, thousands of miles around, almost to become powder, fortunately, Yang Qi has long been ready, their own strength to send out, enveloping the entire capital of Yan, making it impregnable, how can not be destroyed. The bronze gate is the entrance to the plane of immortals revealed by the wormhole in time and space. It is impossible for the Emperor to really enter it. This is the highest cage and seal condensed by the law of the plane. However, that wave, to destroy Yang Qi, is because Yang Qi desecrated the idea of one of the great beings. The great immortal who created the song was enraged by Yang Qi’s behavior and wanted to fall down and kill Yang Qi, enslaving, smashing and killing him. In the eyes of the great immortals, a reptile of the lower plane dares to blaspheme himself, practice and communicate with himself, and then provoke himself. This is equivalent to a believer who believes in the gods. Originally, he practiced very piously and got the glory of the gods. But suddenly,interactive panel board, at the moment when he got the glory of the gods, he said to the gods, “I am breathing you. I am not your believer at all, but I want to use you to hone myself.”. No God will allow this to happen. It was an insult, a naked insult, like a noble emperor and sage being beaten, trampled and slapped by a beggar. Immediately, the bronze door opened in the depths of the wormhole in time and space. Poof! Time and space wormhole suddenly spray, the whole bronze gate, into a bronze meteor, hard to fall down,digital interactive whiteboard, as fast as lightning, there is no way to let people ponder to reach any trajectory, broke Yang Qi’s protective True Qi, directly from the top of Yang Qi’s head, Tianlinggai, pouring into the top. Crash! Yang Qi’s whole body rippled with a burst of bronze brilliance, which was transformed into power, and the breath on his body was not his own, changing his original appearance, as if he had been possessed by the ancient gods. This is Yan Demon Emperor opened his eyes wide: “The gods descend to earth, the will comes, seize the reincarnation, slay and desecrate their own existence, or change Yang Qi into a slave!”! Yes, I know that the mother of the prince, the saint of the temple of Sinian, may also be like this. As a result, she was angered by the immortal in the sky, which made her pregnant with the prince. Chapter 318 the will of immortals. Yang Qi was infused by the will of the immortal. The bronze gate of the ancient plane law has also entered his sea of knowledge, 65 inch touch screen ,75 inch smart board, fighting for the control of his body. This is very dangerous, once it is not done well, it will encounter the fall of the soul, be taken away, or become a complete believer of others, the end of the soul enslaved. Yan Demon Emperor’s cultivation and strong spirit dare not take risks easily. Yang Qi is a hundred times weaker than him, and he dares to do this, which is really astonishing. Okay, okay.. The great immortal who desecrated the song of testimony, the ancient immortal, who could make such an existence as the song of testimony, must be the supreme existence. We are all reptiles of the lower plane. To contend with the great immortals of the higher plane, don’t you want to die? Nie Chaoguang one side excited, one side shivering, a jump, left the high platform, let Yang Qi go crazy. He will not hurt the fish in the moat. However, at the moment when he jumped off the high platform, Yang Qi grabbed it out of thin air, and a piece of space solidified in an instant, which made him fixed in midair. Yang Qi sent out a voice like Zhong Da Lu: “Don’t go. As the preacher of the Great Immortal, just watch how I fight against the will of the Great Immortal.”. ” Nie Chaoguang was imprisoned by Yang Qi. His face was full of fear. “How could it be possible? Aren’t you put into the body by the will of the Great Immortal?” “What does the Great Immortal’s will enter the body?”? Just to show you, the so-called Great Immortal is not so invincible. My will dominates everything. My body is dominated by my eternal soul. I will not believe in anyone. I am the supreme Lord. The gods give me light, and I nurture the gods. Yang Qi’s voice is getting louder and louder, resounding through the world, his body floating up, walking around the high platform, walking again and again, the void was trampled by him out of a crack mark. But, in the next moment, in his body, countless more complex, greater will, burst out, an ancient voice, resounded: “submit to me, Yang Qi!”! Give you immortal fate, let you get the power of the world, for me in all kinds of plane of life, spread glory. “Get out of my way!” Yang Qi conveyed his own voice, which was cold and dominated everything. Yang Qi, against my will, desecrate my glory, will suffer eternal imprisonment. Another voice came out again, and immediately, countless chains began to rotate around his body up and down, and bronze chains began to imprison his body, even penetrating into the flesh and blood, blocking his bones, meridians, and the sea of air. This is the will of the Great Immortal who has entered Yang Qi’s mind. Boom! Yang Qi at this time of knowledge of the depths of the sea, there is a bronze giant God, standing, a big hand grasp, in the merciless tear, suppressing the soul of Yang Qi. There is no doubt that this bronze giant God, the will of the great immortal who made the song of preaching, came down to control Yang Qi’s body and transform his body into his own preacher. The idea of the Great Immortal, the bronze giant God, is covered with patterns, each of which is full of the texture of strength. Every punch can penetrate the world, every foot can break the universe,smart boards for conference rooms, every roar can make the stars fall, every walk, the space is full of his glory.

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