The Modern Rebirth of the Female Protagonist–The Turn of the Fat Girl

The Modern Rebirth of the Female Protagonist–The Turn of the Fat Girl

DOMANDE E RISPOSTEThe Modern Rebirth of the Female Protagonist–The Turn of the Fat Girl
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“Right,” Luo Li looked at my face half black did not speak, embarrassed to whisper, “Jin Sheng ah, do you think I talk a lot? In fact, I don’t usually do this. I just feel congenial to you when I see you. I slowly burst into a sincere smile, “I am very happy to hear you say so, and I also feel very congenial to you.” Soon, the food and wine were served one by one. During the banquet, the girls’ table was very deserted and half speechless, but the boys’ table was full of enthusiasm. Everyone was eating and bragging at the banquet, and by the way, they did not forget to expose their own shortcomings. The topic soon turned to today’s news figure, Chen Xi. The men clamored for him to reveal his love history and then pressed him to ask if something good was coming? And Chen Xi from the beginning to the end with a faint smile did not say much, after everyone looked more and more besieged, finally he was forced to have no choice but to tell the truth, “in fact, she and I have plans to get married at the end of next year,outdoor ficus tree, I promise, the wedding day will invite everyone.” “Yo!”! Marry, can’t see Chen Xi your hands and feet are so fast. “I remember you said you would invite the wedding party, and then don’t deny it.” …… “Lori, I want to go to the bathroom first.” “Well, do you know where the bathroom is?” Lori asked while talking. I know After I came out of the bathroom, I did not go back to the table,large artificial blossom trees, but went straight to the balcony. Perhaps a little absent-minded, I couldn’t avoid bumping into each other’s arms when I turned the corner. “I’m so sorry.” I looked up as I apologized, and then I froze. Chen Xi said indifferently, “it doesn’t matter.” I nodded at him and went to the balcony first, and at the moment we passed each other, he suddenly grabbed my hand. I looked back. He frowned slightly and pressed his other free hand tightly against his heart, his face at a loss of pain. What’s the matter? He was puzzled and said, “I don’t know, but I had a sudden pain in my heart just now, and now it’s all right.” I said softly, “It’s all right. You’d better go to the hospital for a check-up if you have time.” Determined to pull out my hand slowly, I turned around, the back of the head suddenly and familiar pain! I lost consciousness.. Your Majesty, large ficus tree ,faux grass wall, Your Majesty. Shit, you did it so hard. Said the cold voice. “About this time, I’m going to wake up.” Vaguely feeling as if there was a dim light in front of me, I struggled to open my eyes, feeling as if my body was being pulled forward by two forces.. Hurry, Your Majesty, run faster! We have to get back before dawn, or we’ll never get back. I couldn’t help but run with the two people around me. It was dark all around, but it was strange that people could see the huge houses around me, but they couldn’t see the two people around me. As the two ran into one of the houses, the somewhat childish voice said, “Close the door!”! Close the door! Don’t let them find out. ” I only had time to stop and catch my breath before I was pulled forward again, with rows of half-suspended stairs in front of me, each leading to a gate at the end. “Hurry up, hurry up, we have 11 more gates to go, it’s too late..” What are you in a hurry for? “Your Majesty, come on.” Still urge, run down to be able to die again! I gritted my teeth, and the long pain was better than the short pain. Break out! My little universe ~ I suddenly sped up and rushed forward! Suddenly it was dark in front of my eyes, and I heard the cry dimly. “It’s over, Your Majesty. I ran too far.” Pain! It hurts! Very painful ~ A sharp pain in my stomach woke me up from the darkness. I felt that many people were squeezing and pressing my stomach hard, and the pain really made people have the heart to die. What are you guys doing? Murder? A female voice answered me: “Take a deep breath and hold on, the baby will come out soon!” The Fat Girl Who Turned Over and Turned Over The Text Floating Life Is Like a Dream (Finally Back) Wake Up Chapter Words: 2309 Updated: 08-05-18 04:22 Floating life is like a dream (finally back) to wake up If you want to ask me who I admire most at this moment? I want to say: It’s the Virgin Mary! Ya of, old Niang or a pure and innocent yellow flower girl, gorgeous experience to the legendary virgin birth! More miserable is: I not only gave birth to one, but also gave birth to two in my life! “Congratulations, it’s a pair of beautiful twins.” The corners of my mouth twitched and I tried to open my eyes to see the little guy who had tortured me for a long time. I’m silent. Like two little monkeys! It seems to be more than a little short of Peugeot. It’s ugly. I said in a gossamer tone. “That’s what happens to babies when they’re just born,” the doctor said with a smile. “And the little girl with such a good name will be even more beautiful when she grows up.” “What’s her name?” The doctor looked at me strangely, “Chen/Cheng yuanyuan.” I’m embarrassed! What a powerful name. Under pressure, I asked again, “Well, is it Erdong Chen or Cheng of the program?” Her expression has run to the weird. Yes Holding my breath and waiting for the answer, I suddenly felt a pain in the back of my head again. Before I fainted, I screamed in my heart: Damn it! Don’t pick this time ~ “Fortunately, I finally found you in time.” Being pulled forward by two pairs of cool hands beside me, I tried to turn back as I ran: my eyes unexpectedly met with my waist-length hair holding a baby in my arms on the bed. The future me smiled and gave me a gesture of refueling! Before I could respond, she gradually disappeared into the darkness. “Hurry up, hurry up, it’s too late to go back at dawn.” I had to withdraw my mind and run with my head. My room in the hotel in Putuo Mountain was slowly emerging in front of me. I was surprised, but the door suddenly opened at that time. In the past, I rubbed my eyes and peeped out of the door in a daze. The sullen voice beside him sounded,artificial plant wall panels, “Why is she here?” I suddenly sank into the darkness, ears only faintly heard the side of the female voice panicked, “God ~ you dare to knock out your majesty …” ……。

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