Trapped dragon ascends to heaven

Trapped dragon ascends to heaven

DOMANDE E RISPOSTETrapped dragon ascends to heaven
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Tianyu approached Su Xiaoyu and said with a smile, “You are lonely on duty alone. I don’t often come here, so I will accompany you for a while.” Su Xiaoyu coquettishly saluted and said, “How dare you be a little girl!”! Man is really not a good thing, these days, Xiaoxiao can think of you every day, but you are good, as soon as you come to pick up other girls. Tianyu immediately shouted: “Do I call this bubble you?”? I am the brother and sister who accompany us. Younger Martial Sister Xiaoyu, although you look good, I am not a playboy. You may be disappointed. All right, let’s go. Younger Martial Sister has worked hard. Su Xiaoyu clenched her fist and said angrily, “Shave Tianyu. If you say such bastard words again in the future, this girl will not forgive you.” Without looking back, Tianyu laughed, raised his hand and waved it casually. The grass is lying by the window. I don’t know what I was thinking. Suddenly, the girl saw a staggering figure in front of her. She fixed her eyes on it. The little girl immediately called out, “Little Miss.”. Brother Tianyu is here. Tianyu saw the two beauties running out with laughter. He waved his hand happily and shouted, “I’m back.” The voice was so loud that all the sisters in Peach Blossom Valley heard it, but these beauties were so clever that none of them ran out to join in the fun. Little Jiao was so crazy that she threw herself on Tianyu and murmured, “Brother, why did you come back so soon?” When the grass came out of the cabin, she stopped in front of the cabin. Tianyu smiled. “I am a genius,” he said! I’ll pay my respects to my aunt first! Xiaocao, what are you doing over there? I haven’t seen you for a few days. Don’t you know your elder martial brother? The little girl blushed and shook her head shyly. Three days later, at nine o’clock in the morning,Brushless Gear Motor, the bug number appeared in the courtyard of Tingyuxuan. You Ruo heard Xiaohei’s excited cry outside the courtyard and immediately stood up. Out of the bug, Tianyu touched the head of the little guy such as Xiaohei. When he saw Youruo and the girls who had not gone home running out, he immediately waved his hand. Of course, Xiaoxiao ran to Youruo and others affectionately. “Girls,” Tianyu said as he walked forward. Nothing happened at home! You Ruo shouted, “Tianyu, the third elder brother came here yesterday and said he would discuss something with you when you came back.” Tianyu nodded and said, “Then I’ll go there now and kiss you first.” Twenty minutes later, Tianyu knocked on the door and pushed it in. Long Xiang had already received a phone call from his secretary and said with a smile, “The fourth brother.”. You’re here. What do you think of this? Because the biggest problem had been solved at this time, Tianyu felt relaxed and said with a smile, “Why, Planetary Gear Motor ,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, is there a violent incident?” Long Xiang shook his head and said, “Everything on the road has been settled.”. Yesterday, people from the relevant departments came to discuss with me whether we should postpone the official release. Our ten cars have been running for 13 days now. People all over the world have clearly seen that they have run more than 10,000 kilometers without refueling once. Now they all believe it. Tianyu nodded and said, “Didn’t you tell me that four days ago?” Long Xiang smiled and said, “Weren’t you very busy that day?”? I’m embarrassed to hold you back when I have to send so many younger brothers and sisters home. Tianyu, isn’t it impossible for those big oil-producing countries in the Middle East to come in the dark? Yesterday, it was officially announced to the outside world that from the early morning of this morning, the supply of oil to the outside world will be completely stopped. As they declared, from the early morning of this morning, they really will not provide oil to the outside. Tianyu shook his head and said, “I didn’t expect that they would really do that. What did they ask us? Did they not let us produce that car?” Long Xiang shook his head and said, “Our car is beneficial to all mankind. They won’t make such a request. They want to trade oil for our car. Besides, these guys also want us not to make the quality of our car so good, and not to get so much mileage.”. Old four, although this is the request of those countries in the Middle East, but this meaning, certainly also represents the meaning of other big countries, now the country is under great pressure. “Tianyu frowned slightly and said,” Third Brother, now we produce 200 million tons a year! Imports are probably more than 100 million tons! Now this part of the gasoline in the car is saved, it should be almost the same! Long Xiang smiled and said, “It’s not that simple. Isn’t it economic integration now?”? Not only oil, but also many materials need to be contacted by other countries. In the past, we discussed not to make money on this car. After these days of commercial judgments, those big countries have enough shares. Now, the main meaning of those guys is to let us rectify the car a little worse. As we announced, a car can be used for a lifetime, and they have no money to make. Without this economic artery, it is possible that the economy will be depressed, and now the world’s economy is showing signs of depression. Tianyu touched his chin and said, “Third Brother, you should handle this.”! I don’t have the ability to deal with this kind of thing. Other places can be promised, let us reduce the quality, that can not, have produced so many cars, and then reset, third brother, that is very troublesome, and I will not set. Long Xiang gave a wry smile and said, “You think too highly of me,Small Geared Motors, fourth brother. There’s one more thing. The other side has talked to me several times. They said let’s help and tackle some technical difficulties. What do you think of this?” Tianyu is busy shaking Shaking his head, he said, “I can’t help you with this kind of thing. It’s not that you don’t know. All this is done by the night moon.”. I don’t have any ability. 。

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